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Opening Ceremony King Sejong Centers
Supprted By: Korean National Commission
Bunyad Representative: Shahzad Hussain, Saima Fayyaz,Muhammad Aamir, District: Lahore & Hafizabad
Annual Results Announcement Ceremony Bunyad Fatima School Nath Kalan...
Supprted By: Bunyad-PASS
Bunyad Representative: Saima Fayyaz District: Lahore
De-briefing Fergeson...
Supprted By: PPAF+K.D.M.G
Bunyad Representative: Shahzad Hussain,Ashfaq Ahmed,Waqar Elahi, Islamabad .
2 Days Parenting Education Workshop...
Supprted By: UNESCO
Bunyad Representative: Maryam Farooq & Ghulam Zahra Venue: Islamabad.
Celebration Labor Day...
Supprted By: ILO
Bunyad Representative: Madam Shaheen Attiq-Ur- Rehman ,Saima Fayyaz,Zahid Aslam, District: Sialkot.
ILO Consultation Afghan Refugees...
Supprted By: IILO /UNHCR
Bunyad Representative: Saima Fayyaz, District: Lahore.
Decent Work Manual..
Supprted By: ILO, Literacy Department
Bunyad Representative: ARiaz Ahmed, Saima Fayyaz, Naveed Cheema, District Lahore
Youth Camp...
Supprted By: Bunyad
Bunyad Representative: Maryam Farooq, District: Naran.
Proposal outlines...
Supprted By: PSDF
Bunyad Representative: Riaz Ahmed, District: Lahore.
Regional CLC Seminar...
Supprted By: UNESCO
Bunyad Representative: Shaheen Attiq-ur-Rahman in Bangkok.
Ms. 2nd Summit of member Organization HRDN ...
Supprted By: HRDN
Bunyad Representative: Qasim Rabbani in Islamabad.
Ms. LEED...
Supprted By: PPAF
Bunyad Representative: Riaz Ahmed, District: Lahore .
Spot checking...
Supprted By: Ilm Ideas/Dai/DFID
Bunyad Representative: Shahzad Hussain, District: Khanpur/Rahim Yar Khan.
Ms. 5 years of 15th Punjab Assemblies working...
Supprted By: PAKED
Bunyad Representative:Madam Shaheen Attiq-Ur- Rehman/Saima Fayyaz, District: Lahore.

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Bunyad Foundation

Bunyad Activities 1992-2012
Touching the Lives of 25 Lacs

Sr. # Projects Beneficiaries Total
1992-2009 2010-2012
1 Literacy 153694 120609 274303


4826 157016 161842
3 Child rights 41173 957282 998455
4 Women empowerment 67415 303740 371155
5 Health 130900 51807 182707
6 Community development 77716 6995 84711
7 Awareness & lobbying 317254    
8 Sanitation and environment 45025 106515 151540
Total: 838003 1703964 2541967
Bunyad Literacy Community Council (BLCC) is a Non-governmental, non-political and non-profit NGO founded in 1994 by a group of dedicated persons who wanted to make a difference in the lives of rural communities, by alleviating poverty and empowering them to improve their quality of life through literacy, as the first step to development. Started in 1992 as a project involving networking of NGO's to promote Adult Education & Literacy of adolescent girls. Encouraging girls in formal schools , reducing and the large numbers of drop outs and promoting quality education, as an essential ingredient in complementing & assisting the country to reach the EFA (Education for all) goal's. Recognizing that the quality of life of marginalized rural communities, especially women & children, required many interventions & strategies.

BUNYAD was registered in 1994 with the Social Welfare Department, with a mandate to work all over in the Province of Punjab. Bunyad sought to deliver education to girls & young mothers in the rural areas, through non-Formal methodology and developed a non-formal education model, for children, adolescent girls & adult women. Bunyad has gradually expanded itself both in geographical areas of operation as well as its thematic areas. BUNYAD has constructed ICE –Institute of Community Education, for ongoing trainings. Training spaces were also constructed in Hafizabad & Sialkot, to give permanency to our vision. Community development was essential for sustainability of any rural program & this became the practice of BUNYAD for all interventions. It is presently active & in 11 districts of the province of Punjab and particularly in more than,500 villages, keeping the Union Councils as the focal place for development change. Building Social Capital became the main thrust of BUNYAD & in addition to literacy and non-formal education, included projects in such as child labor, women's empowerment for poverty alleviation, saving and micro credit, community development, integrated farming, sanitation, health of mother & new born child, reproductive health, Gender Justice at the door –step, clean water awareness, environment, Disaster Management & Rehabilitation of the disadvantaged came on the anvil as the requirements of the Communities were aired. Bunyad has an experienced Team of Master trainer, who has provided trainings throughout Pakistan.

BLCC's aims to build Social Capital, to empower marginalized communities and groups through their participation for their self development. The corner stone is literacy and education which not only enable's them to achieve EFA goals & the benchmarks of MDG's but also for the overall socio-economic development of a country. The best way for sustainable development is the 3-pronged thrust of literacy, community capacity building and micro-credit, as essential factors in poverty alleviation, integrating women & older children at all levels.

Bunyad is active in 18 Dstricts of Punjab namely Rahim Yar Khan, Hafizabad, Muzaffargarh, Multan, Sialkot, Lahore, Mandi Bah-Ud-Din, Khushab, Rawalpindi, Khanewal, Bahawalpur, Nankana Sahib, Mianwali, Lodhran, Gujranwala, Sargodha, Faisalabad, Sheikhupura, Narowal and Jhang. Working directly & with partners. rough out the province of Punjab.

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