• 24.5 KM,Baidyan Road, Opposite Village Theater, Lahore
  • +92-42-37167520
  • info@bunyad.org.pk

– Project partners/co-funder(s): Italian Agency for Development Cooperation & the International Labour Organization
– Areas targeted: Sialkot
– Overarching goal: provide literacy to brick kilm workers & ameriolate the socio-economic challenges faced by brick kiln workers (and their family units)
– Work/internal functionings of the project: Bunyad developed partnerships with the relevant stakeholders (i.e., district governments; line departments; training institutes; district offices; workers and employers organizations; NGOs; media outlets; other civil society organizations) + focused on community mobilization to leverage local resources

  • connected over 10200 families with social safety nets
  • provided 3145 workers with functional literacy through NFE centres (across 125 different brick kilns)
  • organized (income-generating) skills training programs
  • connected workers and their families to microfinance providers
  • connected workers and their families to social protection services/schemes
  • provided workers and their families access to free health screenings
  • facilitated workers and their families in obtaining CNICs and registering births
  • spread awareness about the improvement of working conditions under Occupational Health and Safety standards so as to promote Decent Work