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– Project partners/co-funder(s): Korea International Cooperation Group, Government of Punjab, UNESCO
– Areas targeted: District Bahawalpur (Tehsil Ahmed Pur East, which covers 16 Union Councils)
– Overarching goal: promote women’s/girls’ education within the marginalized communities of District Bahawalpur—increase enrollment, retention and quality of their primary education (by improving the phyical and learning environment of schools)
– Specific goals/exact objectives: enroll 1300 out-of-school girls in the 110 project schools (across all 16 Union Councils)
– Work/internal functionings of the project:

  • Bunyad’s approach/implementation plan will centre Multipronged Cost Effective Solutions: 1. Social Mobilization Campaign
    2. Quick Rapid Baseline Assessment
    3. Capacity building of
    teacher leaders traning program (on child-friendly lines)
    4. Strengthening of the community-based school management program
    5. Custom/simplified education plan which based on Bloom Taxonomy and Outcome Based Education
  • Strategic steps/implementation details: 1. Involving multiple stakeholders for ownership & active support
    2. Continuation and expansion of Mobile Rickshaw Library
    3. Launching Multifaceted Comprehensive Promotional UPE campaigns
    4. Capacity building for key stakeholders (especially Education Department of PPP)
    5. Development of School Improvement Plans for all targeted schools (created by a high expertise core team, working in partnership with teachers and SMCs)
    6. Promotion of micro edu-social entrepreneurship and many other sustainibility-centred initiatives (which will be discussed and developed with the help of UNESCO in the near future)
  • Current progress:
    1. 608 out-of-shool girls have been enrolled thus far
    2. The repair and recosntruction of 8 classrooms has been achieved
    3. MG Training Manual has been developed