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About Us


Bunyad is a Non-Governmental Organization, working for the promotion of Education, and Women Rights. We focus on making young girls and adolescents residing in rural areas, literate and to make them stand on their own feet.

Bunyad is committed to the goals of the EFA & SDG’s respectively, as these goals are crucial to the mission of eradicating poverty.

One million people have been made literate through various means such as Non-Formal Education, Adult Education, CLC’S, Formal Education, and through Mobile Phone Literacy programmes.


BLCC has implemented 177 projects in total, and a high percentage of the said projects are related to youth development and child protection, including collaborative efforts with UNICEF, ILO and UNESCO. UNICEF has awarded Bunyad with the Best Coordination & Implementation Award for its efforts in eradicating illiteracy in Pakistan.

Bunyad efforts have been recognized at not only a national level, but also at an International level. It has been awarded with the “Communions Medal, UNESCO, Paris, 1998 for Innovative Work ” and King Sejong Prize, UNESCO, Paris, 2002 for the best NGO for promotion of literacy”.

Key awards bestowed to BLCC:

  • Cash Grand Competition in support of Innovative Projects for the Elimination of Child Labour in Pakistan 01st August, 2016- UNICEF & Ombudsman
  • Best Community Work at National Level, AGAHI Awards Beyond 2015. 25 April 2015
  • Picture Literacy Award November 2015.
  • Best Performance on Inclusion Award PM IFL Scheme – 2016
  • Comenius Medal, UNESCO, Paris, 1998 , for innovative work in literacy
  • King Sejong Prize, UNESCO, Paris, 2002 ; for the best NGO for promotion of literacy
  • Presidential Award of Aizaz-e-Fazilat 1998 ;for literacy promotion, Government of Pakistan, Education Department,
  • Best Provincial NGO Award, 2002, Punjab Commission for Literacy for EFA
  • Aizaz-e-Fazilat, a Presidential award was given to Shaheen Attiq ur Rehman, 1996
  • Special Award for Promotion of Literacy, 2001, Pakistan Literacy Commission, Govt. of Punjab.
  • UNESCO has bestowed 2 awards to Bunyad for outstanding work in the field of literacy and non-formal education
  • Bunyad’s outstanding work countering child labour has been recognized by the National Commission for Child Welfare and Development (NCCWD) The Prime Minister of Pakistan bestowed Leadership Award to Usman Bilal, one of the learners at Bunyad Hope Surgical Center, Bagwal Awan, Sialkot.
  • Best Coordination Award was given to Bunyad by UNICEF for its outstanding working in Flood affected areas, Muzzafrgarh, 2011