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Mental Health Camps

Bunyad has been actively working in Hafizabad district since 1992, where it has made strides in the education sector. Bunyad and Mind Organization joined forces in 2009 to better facilitate patients with psychiatric illnesses. Bunyad and Mind Organization have been conducting mind camps twice a month for nine years, where consultations, diagnoses, and medication are provided free of cost.

Since 1991, Mind Organization has been working tirelessly to cater to the needs of psychiatric patients in underprivileged communities. The aim of this charity venture is to ensure that patients of illnesses such as schizophrenia can be offered treatment that they would otherwise have no access to.

Mind Organization began its operations in Hafizabad, where there was no available facility for the adequate care of psychiatric patients. The only facility that existed in Hafizabad conducted the “blood-shedding” technique which encompassed draining “contaminated” blood through an incision created in the patient’s forehead. This is an inhumane treatment which only reflects the extent to which people remain unaware of the intricate realities of mental illness, and how to treat them.

In 2016, approximately 8000 patients had been offered adequate care. However, compared to the enormity of the problem, we have only scraped the surface of what needs to be achieved to better the mental health crisis in Pakistan. We urge our supports to keep showing their support and help us serve the deserving mental health patients countrywide.

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