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The Story Of Samia Shah



Background of Samia Shah Mohammad:


  • Name:                   Samia Shah Mohammad
  • Age:                       18-Years
  • Involved in:          Child Labour (Cotton Picking)

Economic Profile of Family:

Samia Shah Mohammad belongs to a poor family as profession of labour daily wages,small farmer and her mother picking cotton in cotton season.Samia Shah Mohhammad also picking cottan in cotton season. She has 3 brothers (Amir Shah Mohammad, Imran Shah Mohammad, Atif Shah Mohammad) and 4 sisters (Samina BIBI,Sumaira BIBI , Sawera BIBI,Zahra BIBi) and 8 total members of family.

Story of Samia Shah Mohammad:

Samia Shah Mohammad was not allow for go to school before start their study in CB School Basti Ahmad Khan Mirani chak# 89/NP. She was involved in cotton picking labour and supports to their family. Distance was 3 km of girls school from basti Ahmad Khan Mirani.So,she was no chance for get education due to belong poor family.


After intervention of Bunyad Foundation with the support of ILM Idea and Community started the CBS(Community Base School) Basti Ahmad Khan Mirani.Samia Shah Nawaz shows interest in study in Community Base School.For this propose Social Mobilizer Conducted Board Base Community Meetings ,Awareness Walks, Meeting with mothers and they went to samia’s father and motivate them for enroll Samia BIBI in Bunyad Community Base School,but samia’s father refused to saying that , she is picking cotton and support to family. But again Committee’s members and CBS teacher, Social Mobilizer went to samia’s father and give awareness regarding education and negative effect of child labour, then samia’s father is agreed to send in bunyad CBS Basti Ahmad Khan Mirani.

And now Samia Shah Mohammad studying in CBS and attends their regular class.Samia Shah Muhammad happy to start their study and his parents also very happy.Samia has pass 8th class from bunyad CBS and got admission in 9th class in Govt. Girls high School Kotla Pathan .Now samia want to become teacher and teach her Community’s girls. Now their father and mother also suported them that you will become a teacher Insha Allah. After Samia’s Successful study in CBS, then their all sister have got admission and start study in CBS Basti Ahmad Khan Mirani Khan pur.Thanks to madam Shaheen Attiq-Ur-Rehman and Bunyad Team Rahim Yar Khan. Edit.