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The Story Of Malkani Ali

Malkani Ali is a 10 year old girl who studies in the Bunyad Community School located in Pull Arooka (Multan). The aforementioned school is a collaborative project consisting of Bunyad Foundation and Punjab Education Foundation (PEF). This aims to provide free and quality education to students from low-income backgrounds. Moreover, the project attempts to provide low income students with the basic right of education, despite their socio-economic constraints.

Malkani Ali, despite having a passion for studies and a dream to acquire education, was deprived of the opportunity to study due to how she belonged to a low-income family. Her father, Munsab Ali, worked as a construction worker. Being the only bread-winner of the family, he had to provide family of six and was unable to send Malkani to school. Malkani’s dreams of studying had been stripped away from her due to financial issues. Therefore, Bunyad Foundation provided her with the opportunity to flourish in education as it financed her schooling at the BCS school. Moreover, Malkani, along with her three brothers have exceeded teacher’s expectations. Malkani’s education is a source of her happiness, as both she and her family believe that her and her brother’s education have changed their lives for the better.

Bunyad Foundation gave them a loan to start up their shop in the village. Due to no availability of any shops nearby, their shop prospered, and they became financially stable. This, coupled with how their children received quality education, has paved the way for a better future for the Ali family.