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Category Page: Environmental

The Story Of Samia Shah

Background of Samia Shah Mohammad: Profile: Name:                   Samia Shah Mohammad Age:                       18-Years Involved in:          Child Labour (Cotton Picking) Economic Profile of Family: Samia Shah Mohammad belongs to a poor family as a profession of labor daily wages, small farmer and her

The Story Of Malkani Ali

Malkani Ali is a 10-year-old girl who studies in the Bunyad Community School located in Pull Arooka (Multan). The aforementioned school is a collaborative project consisting of Bunyad Foundation and Punjab Education Foundation (PEF). This aims to provide free and quality education to students from low-income backgrounds. Moreover, the project attempts to provide low-income students

The Story Of Zunaira Malik

Zunaira Malik is a little girl only ten years of age. She has two sisters and three brothers. She belongs to a poor family. Her father passed away when she was a mere six years old, leaving her mother the sole breadwinner and the primary caretaker of six children. Due to extreme poverty, Zunaira was

The Story Of Marriam Sikander

Name: Mariam Sikander Village Name: Kot Bakhsh Age: 34 Years Old Married Marriam Sikkander is a woman who did not receive an education but nevertheless bears a universe of responsibility on her shoulders. She has two children, a son, and a daughter. Following her marriage, her husband bore household expenses for only two months, after